" I have just had two sessions of energy healing with Catherine and feel the compulsion to share my experiences. Having been through an extended, stressful period at work, experiencing fatigue, anxiety, broken sleep, and living chronically on ‘high alert’, I was in need of healing. During my first session I felt numerous ‘heat’ patches as Catherine gently placed her hands on my body to balance the chakras, manoeuvre stale energy, pent-up emotions and stress. The release from the head chakra was the most powerful, like an energy field gently pulling and shifting the pressure that had built up. After three days my stress levels had disappeared, my anxiety reduced significantly and I seemed to flow through the days better; my yoga practice felt amazing. During the second session, I felt a fierce heat in the heart chakra, again as stale energy was being shifted. Immediately afterwards my posture was upright and I had a intense feeling of being grounded and emotionally ‘free’. This is an amazing holistic treatment that is profoundly cathartic and potentially transformational. "


“From the moment I first met Catherine I knew there was a reason I was supposed to meet her! Not only does she have the most amazing aura and energy she is highly educated and experienced in the field of energy and healing. My life has honestly transformed since I met Catherine. Not only struggling with a life full of highs and lows having been through a lot for trauma as a child and feeling a bit lost, Catherine had honestly healed me in so many ways. She isn’t just a healer she is also my guardian angel. On one occasion I experienced 20 mins of healing prior to her meeting me, I knew I was feeling very down (depressed) immediately, Catherine was intune and knew I was feeling this way, following the healing session I felt so so calm and so much better almost like I’d cried it out for hours but I hadn’t. On another occasion I’d messaged Catherine feeling lost and needed direction she sent me healing from afar (distant healing) and it wasn’t immediately but after a while thing slowly slowly started to fall into place. Catherine taught me so much with regards to energy, my lifestyle and how it affected my moods and about self love. I’m not just saying this you will never meet someone with the heart and love Catherine has - she is the least judgemental individual, puts others before her self, she is highly talented in the field of healing and I found Catherine even more supportive and helpful than my own mental health services. Thank you Catherine I’ll never forget!”


"I have suffered from excruciating aches and pains for over ten years. The aches and pain affects various different parts of my body from head to toe and on some days it’s so bad I cannot even get out of bed. I have exhausted all means possible from doctors to therapists, medicine to natural remedies to find a solution to my nightmare but my efforts were without success. The sufferings and disappointments began to impact on my mental and emotional well being as my condition evolved and grew. I was exhausted, helpless and without hope until I met Catherine. I started 1-1 energy healing with Catherine and not only did this reduce the aches and pains but I was feeling less fatigue and more energetic. Over time my condition improved immensely. I felt triumph. Finally I found a cure. Due to my busy working life I was not always able to see Catherine but there was hope. Catherine’s distant healing made it possible for me to continue the healing even at distance. There are no words to express the gratitude I have for Catherine. She changed my life! "


"Our daughter, eight, has been suffering from acute travel sickness since she was three years old. She would get sick on a five-minute bus journey! My husband and I have been restricted on the types of journeys and days out we could plan. Needless to say, we were never spontaneous about where and when we could travel.

For journeys above one hour, she would take some travel medicines. This, of course, is not the healthiest of options! Even with travel medicines, we had to opt for the strongest ones which, consequently, made her sleepy. This in turn, had a knock on effect on our daughter's enjoyment of our trips.

We have also tried using herbal medicines, travel bands and making sure she saw the uroad ahead through the car's or buses' front windscreen. And, ultimately she had tests done by doctors and consultants to see how they could help her. Unfortunately, nothing worked!..........except when she met Catherine.

Through Catherine's calm approach to healing over three sessions, our daughter has been transformed! Recently, our daughter fully enjoyed a driving holiday from London to Guernsey without any travel medicine to help her cope with its winding roads. Over the summer, she travelled on buses for her days out in London without feeling ill. Last week, we flew back from Belfast on a small plane (to City Airport)-where you would feel turbulences more easily- without travel medicine; she did not feel sick! What a liberating feeling for all three of us!

Words cannot describe how we feel.......perhaps freedom! Thank so much for changing all our lives Catherine. "

Mrs Kennedy

"I met Cathrine through my place of work. I fell on hard times in March 2019 which led me to have serious anxiety, I tried every medicine going to help calm me down but it wasn’t helping. I couldn’t eat,sleep go to work take care of my child,scared to leave the house an this was going on for about 6/8 weeks. I finally spoke to Cathrine as I heard she did healing ( Never really heard of it before ) but at this point I was desperate to try anything to regain some sort of normality in my head again as I felt like I was just so out of control with fear.

On speaking with Cathrine she suggested a distant healing. I thought like a video call or FaceTime something like that but she told me she would txt me when the healing was going to start an to lay down somewhere comfortable,I did think wow how’s this gonna work she ain’t even seeing me.

Anyway I laid there for what felt like forever an I felt this instant calm feeling throughout my whole body which I hadn’t felt in months,I felt as if she was turning my head from left to right an touching parts of my body which then felt a little tingly.

I laid there an chilled an almost felt as I could feel her energy going through my body an I’ve never felt that peaceful in my life. I felt so calm

An relaxed it had finished,I watched tele with my family that night with no panic whatsoever an felt nothing but relaxed,also had the best sleep.

I’m very very impressed by this an so glad that I met Cathrine when I did. I believe she helped save me an I’m very thankful for her healing. Since that first healing session I think I have had 2 more sessions but these have been face to face an again same thing instant clam feeling but the feeling is more powerful as she is present.

I do find after all of my healing sessions I’m very tired/ almost drained an a little emotional. I planning my next session soon. Best thing ever for me an she has really opened my eyes to a lot.

Thank you so much for all your help an support an on going support"


"I initially saw Catherine for physiotherapy and benefited greatly from her vast knowledge in building core strength, gym workouts, yoga, running, and holistic health. I learnt properly about my core for the first time in my life. However the most profound shift I found is with her energy healing which has had a hugely positive impact on my life...mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. I have found Catherine overall to be very inspirational, resulting in me starting running and yoga again, becoming vegan and meditating daily. Every aspect of my life has improved and I can thank Catherine for the positive benefits I am feeling from of all these changes. I highly recommend Catherine to anyone who would like to look at holistically improving their wellbeing at all levels."


"I have seen a number of health professionals over several years (for a hip injury) and you are by far the best. I am transforming my body which is completely down to my work with you and I am now running again, something I wasn’t sure would ever be possible… In fact the doctor told me it wouldn’t be possible… You have an amazing knowledge base and I am loving working with you around yoga. Again, you have such amazing amount knowledge and I now feel that I am re-starting my yoga journey, this time with the knowledge to do it properly and without injury. As for the energy healing, this has been and is great in helping me along the road with my mental, physical and spiritual growth/well being. I now feel that I am on the spiritual journey :) Our chats are invaluable, the reading tips are life changing and all in all anytime spent together always give me plenty to think about and reflect upon. I will add to this feedback as we continue on our journey/work together :) Ps I’m now in training for ultra marathon running, lol! Thanks so much Catherine, this was all meant to be :)"


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