Distant Healing

What is Distant Healing?

Distant healing is based on the physics theory of quantum entanglement. Or others may think of it as sending out a thought, a prayer or meditating on an intention through the ether. It’s what many healers, spiritual teachers, and masters have known and taught over the many thousands of years and it’s now what scientific theories are coming closer to understanding, that we are all connected, in this world and the universe. As we are connected, we all have the ability to connect with each other even if we are on the other side of the world. Have you ever had a thought about someone and they just happen to call you at that moment?

So when people say “my thoughts or prayers are with you”, “I am sending you good vibes” or “sending my love and blessings to the situation”, they may or may not realise it, but their thoughts, prayers or intention count towards the person or event anywhere in the world.

Our thoughts are powerful and energy follows thoughts. So, if you put a thought or intention to send love or healing to someone or a situation, it has the ability to positively affect the person or situation.

Through my own personal journey, the many experiences and understanding of this, I am able to offer distant/remote healing anywhere in the world and at an agreed time. Please note, I am not the healer, but I act as a channel for the healing to come through me and allow for the higher intelligent energy to affect healing for your highest good.

Our first session; will be via Zoom video call or telephone conversation (via WhatsApps or Telegram apps). This will be an hour to an hour half long which will include initial consultation and healing. Thereafter we shall discuss plans moving forward as appropriate.

I will need a recent photo of you, your name and location (for example Sydney, Australia) and what’s your intention for healing. For example, improve back pain, calmer and less stress, the ability to sleep better or any state of dis - harmony to return back to harmony. You may ask for clarity on how to move forward with your work and life purpose, or simply ask for healing in mind, body and soul. You may just need the one session or you may benefit from 2 or 3 more. Please note, I will always encourage you to do your own inner work. Your state of health and well being can only come when you are open and willing to improve on yourself. I am here to help facilitate your healing and mentor you through your journey to better health and wellness.

I am also happy to offer one to one mentoring and coaching if you feel this may help complement your healing and transformative journey.

What do I heal? Healing means to become “whole”. When you are “whole” in mind, body and soul, you are in harmony, at ease and complete. Therefore healing is to return any states of dis - ease, and dis – harmony back to whole. Its easier to answer this question this way than to give you a long list of what this could be.

Please note, healing does not necessarily mean curing. In many cases, it helps to resolve or significantly improve the condition you are seeking healing for but it can also bring up clarity on why this condition has come about and guide you through your own journey of healing and becoming whole. For example, the condition may have manifested in your physical body from a fear of moving forward in life, unresolved anger and resentment or help you to have more understanding, kindness and compassion for others. In this respect, I cannot take your learning away from you, but the healing session will help to shift whatever that is "stuck" within you to help you to have more clarity on moving forward. And therefore, my work is also to help facilitate your healing through guiding and mentoring you on how to release the fear of moving forward, or guide you in releasing emotions towards others which hasn't served you. In doing so, you will find the symptom will improve and resolve.

My work also involves intuitive guidance and healing, so therefore anything which comes through during the session which will help you for your highest good, I will share with you.

What to expect from a distant healing session:

The first thing to note is that the more you are open to healing and the fewer expectations you have, the more effective it can be for you. You may feel very little during or after the session; this doesn’t mean healing hasn’t taken place. Or you may feel a tingling, a warm or cool sensation, or a feeling that “energy is rushing through your body”. This is all quite normal. You may notice an immediate change during or immediately after the session, or over the next few days and weeks, you may notice a subtle shift within yourself (for example, feeling calmer or improved symptoms). Or it may be that situation in your outer world shifted in a positive way. This is energy shifting. Please note, there may be times when you may experience unsettling feelings, negative thought patterns and emotions surfacing. This is quite normal, again its healing and helps to shift your energy and bring up any “stuff” which needs to be released. Once released you will feel better, "lighter" or less burdened, or the circumstances in your outer world has shifted in a positive way. You may have clarity on moving forward.

It’s best if you can relax in bed or in a comfortable position on a chair. It’s fine if you fall asleep. Please drink plenty of water.


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