One to One Coaching

Facilitating Personal Growth and Transformation

Finding your Inner Peace, Happiness, Joy and Bliss

Are you tired of life’s emotional rollercoaster?

Is the noise of the outer world overwhelming and having a negative impact on your health?

Do you feel that you are constantly chasing for that peace of mind and happiness but it seems to be never ending?

Are you easily affected by the drama of the outer world? Is this having a negative impact on your life and the lives of those around you?

For many years, clients would come to me for treatment and tell me about their holidays or an event that had a huge impact on their lives in a positive way. They would sit on the top of a mountain or by the most beautiful lake with breath-taking views and would say, “Catherine, I wish I could bottle that bliss and take it home with me”.

The great news is you don’t have to travel to the four corners of the world to find that bliss.

I would like to give you the tools to help you find that “bottle of bliss” within yourself.

The paradox of life is that sometimes the things we wish most in life are also the simplest to find and cost very little to attain. Most of us are always “out there” searching for the most powerful commodities in life, our peace of mind and happiness, yet we completely miss the glimpse of where these tools ultimately lie. They’re within us!

Investing in yourself and your personal growth is one most powerful thing you can do to transform your life for the better and in turn, improve the lives of those around you.

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